Program for the NIPNET conference 2015 in Kolding, Denmark

Thursday 26th of November

10:00RegistrationInfo in the Hotel Lobby. Open all day
11:00LunchIn the Hotel Lobby.
Posters from the delegates
12:00Welcome ceremonyMayor of Kolding, NIPNET, and Danish Society of IPE/IPC
12:30Key note speaker 1Professor, Ph.d. Lene Tanggaard, Center of Communication, Aalborg University, Denmark:

The role of interprofessional learning at work
13:30Posters + CoffeeIn the Hotel Lobby
13:50Parallel sessionsPresentations from delegates
IPL/IPC in Nordic countriesOvercoming challenges of the health care systems in the Nordic countries - advancing IPL/IPC
18:30Social event with dinnerHost: Orthopaedic Department.
An evening with excellent dinner - delegates mingle - royal entertainment - live blues band

Friday 27th of November

8:00RegistrationInfo in the Hotel Lobby
8:30Panel- and Round Table Discussions1. IPLC and management: What does it take in terms of management to implement IPLC in Danish Hospitals?

2. Four Round Table Discussions.
9:30Posters + CoffeeIn the Hotel Lobby
9:50Parallel sessionsPresentations from delegates
11:15Key note speaker 2Malene Terp – Mental health nurse Ph.d student at the Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Making mental health patients co-designers
12:15LunchIn the Hotel Lobby along with Poster presentations
12:45Patient's voicePanel presentation and discussion. How to include patient’s voice?
13:45Closing the conferenceBest poster. Closing talk by professor Hugh Barr.
14:30Tours in Kolding:
• In the city
• Kolding Hospital
• Places to visit
The Trapholt Museum
Kolding Hus
Danish Museum for Nursing